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Hard boat diving out of the Tyne
So many wrecks to explore!

Why Dive off the Tyne?

The River Tyne flows out in to the North Sea, in an area that used to be a busy shipping area. During the two world wars, many ships were sunk off the northeast coast between Blyth and Hartlepool. These wrecks now lie on the sea bed and are just waiting to be explored by divers. 

Diving can be undertaken at a range of depths, from 8 metres to 75 metres. Spellbinder II is a fully equipped dive boat, with lift, she can therefore cater for the the diving needs of her passengers as they explore the many wreck sites. 

Trips can be organised on a full day basis, 2 – 3 dives with lunch included, or as a single evening dive. Bespoke technical dive trips can also be organised. 

Anchor on the wreck of the Pandora

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Spellbinder docked South Shields
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Diver Testimonials

The diving off the Tyne can be hit and miss, but when it is good, it is great! We had 10 metres visibility today, and dived the UC32 submarine wreck for the first time.
Close up of anemone
Nicola Faulks
A good day out with our club today, three wreck dives and lunch. Alan always knows where the visibility will be, north or south of the Tyne.
Simon Smith
“To be added, building a website takes time! I am sure a quote will come soon, watch this space. In the meantime, meet Trike, he is a Triceratops.”
Pink stuffed toy
Trike Triceratops

So, what are you waiting for?

Spellbinder II is ready and waiting to take you and your group out to explore the wrecks of the northeast. 

Octopus on the Cider Wreck
Evening dive on the Cider wreck