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What sort of boat is Spellbinder II, and who is the skipper? Read on to find out.

The Skipper

Allan Lopez is the skipper of Spellbinder II. He has been skippering boats since he gained his ticket in 1976. All this time behind the wheel of various boats means that Allan has an unparalleled knowledge of the northeast coast.

Certainly when it comes to diving Allan is very good at finding where the best underwater visibility on the day. He is also very good at providing advice on which wrecks to dive based on the group of divers he has that day (newly qualified to tech divers).

Allan is also often assisted by his trusty second in command Mark. Between them they do all of the shot setting, pickups and cook lunch, all the while maintaining a grand sense of humour, and a bucket of chocolate biscuits! 

Skipper at the helm
Alan Lopez skipper of Spellbinder II

The boat - Spellbinder II

Spellbinder two is a dive boat coded for up to 12 divers, all of who can travel undercover, in the cabin if required. 

The Spellbinder II is a 38ft Taskforce Motorcruiser with Twin Jet Drive propulsion systems and a licenced M.C.A. range of 60miles, and is equipped with the latest navigation systems including a MAX SEA 3D Seabed mapping system – with lots of wrecks marked too. 

For divers, The boat is equipped with a hydraulic diver lift platform, and has a jet drive propulsion system, which is a great safety feature – no propellers! 

The boat is also equipped with a toiled in the forepeak, which divers can use. Allan also has a coffee/team maker and a small stove, so hot drinks and food are generally available too. 

Spellbinder II
Spellbinder II

Do you have any more questions?

If you would like to know more, then please use the contact us button below. Allan will be able to provide you with pricing information, times and dates for your dives. 

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